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  Multidays - Miskin, Stan

   "Wie die Hamster im Laufrad..." Ein Zuschauer


Miskin, Stan

Stan MiskinStan Miskin M (AUS), geb. 1925-07-31

Accomplished veteran walker who is absolutely blitzing the field in this year’s AURA UltraAthlete of the Year Award. Stan also holds several age records in his category and is sure to post a reasonable total in his first appearance.
(Colac 2002 Runners Bios)

The third walker was Stan Miskin (C 23), already an Australian Centurion and now 75 years of age. In the early 90's, he retired and moved from Melbourne to Queensland. In 2000, he sold up and returned to Melbourne and found himself living near Fred Brooks. So it was back into the training shoes - he had already been toying with the idea of a final big walk. In October 2000, he travelled to Adelaide and completed 120 km in the Sri Chimnoy 24 hour event. Then back to some more training and onto this event in April. His target - to break the Australian Ultra Distance records for the 75+ age groups. Of course, these were running records and Stan would be walking - but they seemed achievable targets.
And Stan was successful in his aim. His final distance was 142.391 km, blitzing the previous record of 132.8 km, held by Aussie running legend Drew Kettle. Along he way, he also broke Drew's records for 12 hour, 50 miles and 100 km. A fitting achievement at the age of 75!


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