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  Multidays - Phani, Tirtha Kuma

   "Wie die Hamster im Laufrad..." Ein Zuschauer


Phani, Tirtha Kuma

Tirtha Kuma Phani M (IND), geb. 1959-00-00

India finds a fresh entry into the Guinness Book with Tirtha Kumar Phani etching his name in the prestigious almanac of world records for his astounding feat of running more than 22,000 kilometers spread over a year. Phani, who hails from Lalgola in Murshidabad district of West Bengal but has now settled in the metropolis, got his name printed in the Guinness Book 2004 under the heading 'greatest average daily mileage run'. Phani ran an average of 61.824 kilometer a day from August 1, 1996, to July 31, 1997, completing a total of 22,565.76 km, says the entry on page 227 of the latest edition of the globally famed annual.

Courtesy: The Hindustan Times, January 16, 2004

1983-1991 Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Experiences
by Kevin Cassidy
...The big story that year was the presence of Indian runner "Tirtha Phani", he arrived with a reputation that made Yiannis Kouros look like a weekend hacker but trailed the field by so far that he was pulled out of the race in Albury. Tirtha returned later to run the Colac 6 day event and spent more time in his tent than he did on the track, Tirtha Phani was quickly dubbed "Tirtha Phoney"....

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