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  Multidays - Aalto, Asprihanal

   "Wie die Hamster im Laufrad..." Ein Zuschauer


Aalto, Asprihanal

Asprihanal Aalto M (FIN), geb. 1970-08-27

One of the best endurance runners in the world, Asprihanal is ranked second all-time for 3100 miles (43 days 15 hours), last year having run his fastest time by over 70 hours. He averaged 71.00 miles per day. In 2006 he also ran an amazing streak of 23 straight days at over 70 miles each day. Asprihanal has won the 3100 miler three times as well, (2000, 2001, 2004) among his six finishes, which are both records for men. For three straight years he ran all three yearly Self-Transcendence multidays in New York (six days, 3100 miles, 700 miles)- a feat unprecedented in multi-day annals. Asprihanal has emerged victorious in the Six Day Race three times, (2003 -457 miles and 2004-433 miles,2007-505 miles)winning each race with supreme efforts on the last day. He has also hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail in the US in solo fashion, covering 60 km per day for up to twelve weeks. Asprihanal works as a courier and delivery man.


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