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  Multidays - Stanger, Helen

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Stanger, Helen

Helen StangerHelen Stanger F (AUS), geb. 1950-06-04

Helen ran her first race, a 10km fun run, in 1988 and then her first ultra, the Sydney to Wollongong 50 miler in the same year, finishing in a remarkable 7:43. She achieved 200km in a 24 hour race in 1990 and later that year completed the Campbelltown 6 day race with a very creditable 691km. She went on to record 329.256 km in the 48 hour event in 1995 for an Australian record and then 229km in the Coburg 24 hour in 1998. Helen was never beaten by another woman in any 24 hour race.
(AURA Hall of Fame)

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