JKM 2002 Beach Run, Den Helder - Santpoort - Hoek van Holland, 30/31-03-2002

  • Den Helder - Santpoort - Hoek van Holland (155km)
  • Santpoort - Hoek van Holland (77km)
  • Santpoort - Hoek van Holland (42/35km)

The fifth edition of the JKM -short for "Jan Knippenberg Memorial"- will take place in 2002 March 30th and 31st. The race will lead the runners mainly along the Dutch western coast. The first 55 K will be on the beach. At the north "Noordelijke Havendam" (i.e. northern jetty) of IJmuiden you will leave the beach to come through Santpoort. After 80 K you will be back on the beach at the "Zuidelijke Havendam" (i.e. southern jetty). Once again you will leave the beach for about 1 K at the harbour of Scheveningen. The remaining part will be on the beach. The full distance, the 155 K Den Helder to Hoek van Holland, participates also in the Belgium Marathon and Ultra Cup 2002.

This memorial is dedicated to the memory of Jan Knippenberg, who's slogan was "running isn't sport, it is a way of travelling". The race course will lead you from his town of passing away, Den Helder, back to his town of birth, Hoek van Holland; on the edge between water, land and the sky where Jan Knippenberg spend many hours running during his live time.

The race will be a little bit different from previous editions. For the whole distance no qualification is needed; instead of it elimination points are introduced. For the half way we added a couple race as well, so it is possible to cover the 77 K by a team of two runners with changeover at Katwijk at the marathon distance. In short the programme looks as follows:

  • Saturday March 30th 2002

    • 10:00 p.m. Start JKM 155 K race at "Fort Kijkduin", Den Helder

  • Sunday March 31st 2002

    • 03:15 a.m. Eliminationpoint at Castricum aan Zee; those who did not succeed to reach this point in time have the opportunity to be classified for a half JKM finishing at Santpoort.
    • 05:00 a.m. Start "half JKM" en "JKM couple run" at Santpoort
    • 08:00 a.m. Closing finish for those who passed Castricum aan Zee after 03:15 a.m.
    • 11:30 a.m. Elimination Katwijk.
    • 12:00 a.m. Closing of eliminationpoint station Katwijk.
    • 01:30 p.m. Elimination Scheveningen harbour.
    • 02:00 p.m. Closing eliminationpoint station Scheveningen harbour.
    • 04:00 p.m. Closing finish for all events, Hoek van Holland.

The changeover of the couple run will be at Katwijk. Couple runners will take care for their transportation to the changeover location. Both couple runners fill in the entry form below. If you don't have a couple-partner, leave the couple-partner name open and the organisation will support you to find a couple runner.

For the full (155 K) and half (77 K) JKM, the organisation takes care for transportation of a bag with clothes, from Den Helder to Santpoort and subsequently from Santpoort to Hoek van Holland.

Entry fee and deadlines:

155 K "full JKM" 35 Euro; up to and including March 10th; after March 10th no entries will be accepted.

77K "half JKM" 20 Euro; up to and including March 10th

30 Euro; after March 10th

77 K "JKM couple run" 25 Euro; up to and including March 10th

35 Euro; after March 10th

Send the entry form below to:

A.Smeets, Peeldijk 11, NL - 6024 BX Budel Dorplein



PC (ZIP) Town                

Male / Female Date of birth _____ - _____ - 19_____



Registration for (mark your choice):

O 155 K "full JKM", Den Helder - Hoek van Holland

O 77 K "half ", Santpoort - Hoek van Holland

O 77 K "couple run", Santpoort - Katwijk - Hoek van Holland

couple partner (name)            

The entry fee is paid to (mark your choice):

O Dutch bank account 1795.45.663

O Dutch giro 188.60.13

O Belgium Post Office giro 000-0651753-10 (for Belgium only!)

O attached bank cheque in Euro's

in the name of A.Smeets, Peeldijk 11, NL - 6024 BX Budel Dorplein

De organisation will not accept any responsibility for physical damage, nor for loss, missing or robbery of personal property.

Please send this entry form to:

A. Smeets
Peeldijk 11
NL - 6024 BX Budel Dorplein

A. Smeets / Peeldijk 11 / NL - 6024 BX Budel Dorplein
(0031 (0) 495 496 796 smeets-pauptit@hetnet.nl
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