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  Multidays - Farmer, Patrick Francis "Pat"

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Farmer, Patrick Francis "Pat"

Patrick Francis "Pat" Farmer M (AUS), geb. 1962-03-14

About Pat

By Australian and international standards, Pat Farmer is considered one of the very elite in his sport of ultra marathon running.

As a young man in his early twenties, Pat was greatly inspired by the legendary Cliff Young.

Throughout his sporting career, Pat has set numerous world and Australian records for a number of ultra-marathon events. Pat has twice completed the Trans-America Footrace, achieving second-place in 1993 and has twice run across the Simpson Desert, setting world records both times.

In 1999, Pat became a national hero following his Centenary of Federation Run around Australia, which raised considerable funds for charity, created numerous Australian and world records and reached out to millions of Australians with a message of unity and nationhood.
Pat Farmers view of the the 1995 Trans-America Footrace

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