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  Multidays - Morriss, Norm

   "Wie die Hamster im Laufrad..." Ein Zuschauer


Morriss, Norm

Norm Morriss M (NZL), geb. 1941-00-00

Norm Morriss (age 57) of New Zealand completed 100 miles in NZ in 1996 in 23:18 so is an experienced ultra-distance walker, having also completed the gruelling Colac 6 day event. However, he had a quadruple heart bypass earlier this year and had had a quiet year since then, only gradually getting back into walking. For Norm, this was an experiment to see how he had recovered. Obviously very well judging from his performance.

Jack Webber Trophy:

This is for the most meritorious performance. Norm Morriss walked a fantastic 100 miler only 5 months after a quadruple heart bypass operation. You can't go past that - it is the stuff of legend. Well done Norm on a great job

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