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  Multidays - Milanovich, Milan

   "Wie die Hamster im Laufrad..." Ein Zuschauer


Milanovich, Milan

Milan Milanovich M (SUI), geb. 1960-00-00

RAAM 1992:
"July 14 (Day 25): The final chapter of our high-altitude trilogy included a climb to 11,992-foot Loveland Pass and it was a coming-out party for two under-achieving runners, Emile Laharrague of France and Milan Milanovich of Switzerland. Emile, buried in 12th place, had played a waiting game through the desert, betting the leaders would fall out and nursing his own susceptibility to malaria in the heat. Today was Bastille Day back home, though, and Emile made a lasting impression with a strong stage win. Never again would he be found in back.

Milan, standing sixth but far behind the leaders in time, seemed inspired by the alpine scenery, so much like his homeland, and came through second. He'd been injured early in the race but now he was fit and confident. As we'll see, events a few days later would motivate him to make his mark in the lead."

Runner's World

Trans-America Footrace

New York, N. Y. August 22, 1992

64 stages, 3,000 miles

1. David Warady, 35, CA 521:35:57
2. Milan Milanovich, 32, SWI +5:40:24
3. Tom Rogozinski,24, PA +7:12:57
4. Richard Westbrook, 45,GA +15:57:07
6. Emile Laharrague, 45,FR +21 :02:06
5. Edward Kelley,34,CA +23:33:48
7. Helmut Schieke,52,GER +41:29:43
8. Peter Hodson,GBR +54:14:45
9. Stefan Schlett,30,GER +97:52:25
10. Marty Sprengelmeyer,46,IA +103:51:18
11. John Wallis,55,MI +131:38:40
12. John Surdyk,36,IL + 172:00:28
13. Serge Debladis,44,FR +181:59:18

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