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  Multidays - Audley, George

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Audley, George

George AudleyGeorge Audley M (AUS), geb. 1935-08-21

West Australian Veteran who is back for another 6-Day race. George holds several Australian Age records and is likely to expand on those records or set some new records during this year’s race.
(Colac 2002 Runners Bios)Subject: BIO: George Audley 4 Feb 2002

Ultra-Bios of "The Flying Fossil":

From: "George Audley"
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 23:22:20 +0800

Name: George Audley
Address: RMB Lower Denmark Road Albany
City/State/Country: West Australia
E-mail: audleyg@bigpond.com
Occupation: Retired
Height: 5 Feet 5 inches
Weight: 65 kilos
Birthplace: Birmingham England
Date of birth: 21 - 8 - 1935

Years running: 21
Years running ultras: 16

Shoes I run in: New Balance
Favorite running surface: Road
Some ultras I have completed:
Sydney to Melbourne , Transaustralia (Race of Fire), Colac 6 Day Races Albany to Perth.
Ultra achievement I am most proud of:
Trans Australian (Oldest man to run across a Continent)
Typical training week: 120.000 k's in 21 years so about 120 k's
Injury history: Hamstring before Colac 6 Day 2000 only managed to run 240 k's with it.

Favorite ultra foods: What I can get down
Favorite ultra beverages: after the Race of Fire COKE
Things I like most about ultras: I have a chance to be up there as I am the tortoise
Things I hate most about ultras: Running them
What got me started doing ultras: It seemed a good thing at the time
Why I do ultras: Because even though I am 66 I am good at them Well 817 k's at 61 yrs isn't bad for 6 Days track
Where I found out about the list: Looking for World Age records

Short-term ultra goal: Run for my life
Long-term ultra goal: Run for my Life
Fantasy ultra goal: It was to break a World Age Record but I have done that now so I will have to try again when I am 70

Favorite ultra quote(s): Ultra runners don't quit

George Audley
The Flying Fossil


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