Vor den weiteren Links jetzt doch etwas ganz anderes:

>From Lisa Butler (US) to the "Ultralist" 10th Sept. 2003

I run,
lean and long,
with deliberate joyful footfalls
in the wild woods.
I run,
to deliver me from the ordinary;
into the waiting arms of aspens and cedars,
into the dawn and sunstreaked clouds,
from the dirt to the air and back to the dirt again.
I run,
for my life;
through my past,
and into my future.
Light and dark,
sun and snow,
wind and rain,
I run.
I live.

Weitere Links - das hat zunächst einmal nichts mit "best of the rest" zu tun. Erstmal sind das hier einfach alle Links zum Thema Ultramarathon, die ich sonst noch nirgendwo untergebracht habe, sei es aus Ideenlosigkeit, Zeitmangel oder sonstewas.



  • Parkhöhe - Neben den üblichen Veranstaltungen wie "Laufen gegen Stress" wird hier z.B. im Februar 2001 ein Wochenende "Adventure Running" angeboten: "Wüsten-Marathon-Teilnehmer Danny Verdam verrät an diesem Wochenende die coolsten (!!!!) Tricks fürs Adventure Running."

Neu gefunden und noch nicht sortiert:
Die noch nicht gesichteten Links der englischsprachigen Seiten (vom ODP):
  • All American Trail Running - The All American Trail Running Association (AATRA) hopes to be the Internet's most comprehensive source for trail running. "Our mission: To represent and promote trail and mountain running." Some sections need some in-fill, but the shoe section is pretty good.
  • Andy Milroy's Ultramarathon World Page - Milroy's "page" presents wide-ranging materials on the world ultramarathon scene, including runner profiles and monthly reports. He is the statistician for the International Association of Ultrarunners.
  • CamelBak® Hydration Systems - Whatever your sport (or state-of-mind), CamelBak has a hydration system to keep you feeling good and performing at your peak. Includes dealer locator.
  • Fixing Your Feet - The book "Fixing Your Feet" provides athletes with a complete source of information about preventive maintenance and treatments for blisters and other foot problems. Second edition is available now.
  • Robert's Ultrarunning site contains race schedules, results, reports, and photo's for Ultras across the United States.
  • Hal Higdon: On The Run - Ultramarathon Training - While focusing on the Comrades Marathon, author Higdon provides a training plan useful for a wide range of ultras.
  • 24hr Castiglionese Ultra - The hardest 24hr in the world. This race is made in a medioeval town. Come for more details! (info is in Italian)
  • Iditasport 130 - An Alaskan Human-Powered Ultra-Race with 3 different divisions: Ski, Bike, and Foot. The trail is snow covered and packed down for travel.
  • Kevin Sayers UltRunR Site - Numerous informative topics on the subject of ultrarunning are presented here. Lots of resources and opinions on a wide variety of ultra topics.
  • Marathon & Beyond -- The web site for marathoners and ultrarunners. - Marathon & Beyond (M&B) is an exciting new periodical tailored specifically to meet the needs of marathoners and ultradistance runners. M&B is edited and published by former Runner's World executive editor Richard Benyo and former FootNotes coeditor and Human Kinetics editor Jan Colarusso Seeley.
  • Minigators-The World's Lightest Gaiters - Protect your feet, boots, shoes, and socks with specialized gaiters designed specifically for Hiking, Backpacking, Trail Running, Mountaineering, Snowshoeing and Telemarking.
  • New England Trail Runner - The site claims the most up to date listing of New England area trail racing and running information on the web. Includes race results posting and trail running club information.
  • North Texas Trail Runners - Find information on trail running and ultra running in North Texas. Site features calendar listings and a news/opinion section
  • Pacific Association Ultrarunning - Official USATF ultrarunning site for northern California and Nevada. Includes Ultra Grand Prix standings, race calendar, and results.
  • Pearl Izumi >> Technology That Fits - Find fanny and day packs under misc. accessories. Online ordering, dealer locator.
  • Runlong.com, the ultra photo running journal. - The prime source for photo running news with a main focus on Ultras,Marathons and Trailrunning.Also covers road races that challenge the spirit of the distance runner.
  • Running the Hardrock 100 - A first hand account of running the Hardrock 100 through Colorado's San Juan Mountains, ultra running in Silverton Colorado Rocky Mountains by Bob Boeder.
  • SoCal UltraRunner's Grand Prix Series - The official Ultrarunning source for Southern California! Find local race results and calendar information.
  • Strolling Jim 40 Mile Run - Held Saturday, May 6, in Wartrace, Tennessee. The Ultra-Marathoners keep coming back because, at the Strolling Jim, every runner is a hero, an honored guest, and a welcomed friend.
  • Susan Sly e-Nutritional Counselor - Providing e-Nutrition consulting for atheletes who need peak performance from their body
  • Trail Runner Magazine Online - Running, health, travel, and training, race results and race event calendars.
  • Ultimate Directions - Ultimate Directions designs and produces high performance hydration systems for use by endurance athletes.
  • Ultrafit Endurance Sports - Ultrafit is an Endurance Performance Company that specializes in products designed for the endurance athlete, such as hydration equipment, nutritional supplements, and the like.
  • Ultrarunning and Hiking Page - David Horton - Site presents info on Horton's own ultra exploits and races he directs, as well as many links to other ultra resources. Some items, like the calendar, are out of date.
  • UltraRunning Magazine - The magazine for ultramarathoners, with calendars, race results and reports, techniques and tips.